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One of the most overlooked areas of small businesses is Accounting & Bookkeeping. Your numbers have to spot on and as such are a quintessential aspect to your business. Here at TDS our team of CPA's and Accounting experts focus on forecasting, GL and cost analysis to ensure your business is and stays on the right track.

Our firm provides a wide variety of accounting, tax and financial management services tailored to meet the needs of our business clients. Our Certified Public Accounting (CPA) services are designed to make your job easier and provide you with more time to focus on building your business. We keep you abreast of accounting changes throughout the year to ensure that you are taking advantage of all the proper incentives. When you choose us as your accounting solution, we'll become a vital member of your team. You can rely on us for access to the critical financial data you need to run your business, watch expenses, and look for opportunities to grow, without the demanding accounting tasks. We'll also design and implement tax planning strategies to reduce taxes and reveal higher profits. Most importantly, when you need to make a critical business decision that will impact your finances, we invite you to call on us for reliable suggestions and trustworthy advice.

In today's fast paced environment, businesses rely on accurate, timely data to make good decisions and grow. Our customized account management system provides the information you need, when you need it, to run your business effectively. Our partnership approach in account management, ensures you have the support you need to grow. Our customized financial services scale so we grow with you as you reach future goals. Your guide to smooth accounting. We take pride in our outstanding customer service. When getting started, taking the time to fully understand your business' unique situation is of utmost importance. By asking questions and responding to concerns, we ensure timely compliance and smooth accounting practices.

Accounting to provide tax driven strategies that comply with state and federal laws. We have an excellent software system to make this simple and accessible. Bookkeeping that gives immediate access to information, allowing company owners to maximize efficiency. QuickBooks to organize your record keeping process, fully utilizing America's most popular bookkeeping software. Payroll Services, including payroll processing, to ensure employees are paid accurately and on time. Tax calculations and payment scheduling to ensure timely compliance. Tax planning so you can take advantage of savings opportunities. We can also help set up retirement plans and employee benefit packages.

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