If you are suffering from the uncomfortable and troublesome symptoms of andropause, the male equivalent of menopause, then you may benefit from sexual therapy as provided by our hormone balancing specialists.

The Benefits of Sexual Therapy:

*Improved sex drive
*Better quality erections
*Increased energy
*Stronger bones
*Bigger muscles
*Improved moods and concentration

If you are a man over the age of 40, you too might be experiencing symptoms of Low T, a condition doctors refer to as andropause. Fortunately, RejuvMaxx men & women's clinic provides the Sexual Therapy you need to restore your testosterone levels to a healthy balance.

Where Has Your Testosterone Gone?

When you were younger, your body produced all the testosterone you needed for powerful muscles, a full head of hair, explosive energy levels and a libido that could last all night. As you grow older, however, your hormone production declines and consequently, your muscles turn to flab, your energy levels drop like a rock, and your hairline disappears almost as quickly as your sex drive.

All of these symptoms can be a result of low T levels. Low T treatment restores testosterone to youthful levels in men with hormone depletion. Your specialist doctor will use a blood test to determine how much testosterone is in your bloodstream. This means you might only be one simple blood test away from an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for your low testosterone symptoms.

Who Needs Low T Treatment?

Low T treatment may be appropriate for any man over the age of 40 who suffers from andropausal symptoms. Contact us today if you are a male and experience symptoms of andropause, such as:

*Decreased sex drive
*No erections or poor quality erections that do not last
*Low sperm count
*Increased irritability, moodiness and anxiety
*Poor concentration
*Loss of body hair
*Loss of muscle mass
*Increased body fat, especially in the abdomen

Make an appointment with us today to find out if sexual therapy is right for you!

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